So, here is the next humble step in R&Ding the commons game.

I had a chat with friends Aaron Rosa and John Sweeney, both talented game design futurists, and we reviewed the various ideas and issues with the game as it was presented in the last blog on the game.

They recommended I produce a game “design schematic” to make the rationale, mechanics and logic of the game more explicit. And so that the design can be critiqued, refined and improved.

Here is my attempt at a design schema. I’ve even gone into premier pro to edit it (as keynote was bugging up)!

As the central idea of FuturesLab is to draw from a creative community o people in a peer to peer process to support potentially breakthrough experiments, social innovations, policy proposals, and methods / techniques, you are invited to be part of this game design process.

After reviewing the design schematic, if you have any points you want to offer to support the R&D process, please do add them on wordpress and / or the FuturesLab Facebook page.

[commons game initial design schematic slides]

The commons game – initial design schematic from Jose Ramos on Vimeo.