The Democracy Commons Project (DCP) is a platform to publish resources, articles, videos, collaborative networks, to act as a catalyst in stimulating the social innovation of new democratic forms and projects.

We live in a time where a new generation of political activist call for participatory democracy, and where a new generation of technologies potentiate innovative modes of political participation.

Equally however, we live at a time when political oligarchies straddle global political systems. A time when a trans national capitalist class have unprecedented influence on so-called democratic processes.

Clearly it is time for a ‘mindful’ uprising! Clearly it is time for political transformation!

The DCP aims to provide resources for the global knowledge commons to support the understanding, design and articulation of efforts at Democracy for the Commons.

As such, the project platform at  will likely be an amalgam of existing resources from a variety of sources, focused on social innovations in democracy / governance. I would like to see resources from a variety of media types (essays and articles) as well as projects (Loomio, Liquid Democracy, etc etc).

Stage 1 – Anticipate

This project was originally conceived as a documentary film about Liquid Democracy. Much work was done, but post production got bogged down by bureaucratic complications.

Stage 2 – Design

A decision was made to simplify things and publish existing resources as  open source / creative commons resources. The initial resources are based on Liquid Democracy videos and literature.

Stage 3 – Connect

This is the stage we are in at the time of writing. Efforts will be made across the months of Dec 2015, Jan and Feb 2016, to communicate the Liquid Democracy literature through various social media.

Stage 4  – Evolve

Based on how this engagement goes,  the project will evolve and continue with those people that have shown genuine interest in developing it.





Published by jramos

José Ramos is a researcher, writer and advocate for commons-based social change. He focuses on such areas as future political economy, planetary stewardship, innovations in democracy and governance, the conjunction of foresight and action research, and transformative social innovation.

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