Late last year I posted an idea for a commons hospitality network that Sharon Ede and I had discussed. It was just at the concept stage and we were just gauging interest and useful feedback.

Then, a few weeks later, Eric Doriean visited me in Footscray to demo AnyShare for me – the new “build your own sharing platform” service.

As we were discussing potential uses for AnyShare – he suggested “why not use it for that idea you just posted”.

I said: “what idea?” not sure what he meant.

“You know”, he said, “for the hospitality thing” [I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist].

“Oh…. Oh!!” I replied… “I hadn’t really considered this”.

So we agreed to give it a try. He needed to work through a few bugs with the new release of AnyShare, and then created the website.

It was yet another example of what I’ve been experimenting with on FuturesLab. If and when I release the idea to the world and my networks, the world / networks (they / we) become the larger problem solving unit. A solution invariably boomerangs back, propelling the innovation forward. So here we are folks, from concept to design in a few short months.

This stage is really design to connect. Having started at “anticipate”, Eric quickly propelled into a design and connect process. Design via AnyShare parameters, and connect  via peoples’ experience with it.

Lets see how it goes.



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José Ramos is a researcher, writer and advocate for commons-based social change. He focuses on such areas as future political economy, planetary stewardship, innovations in democracy and governance, the conjunction of foresight and action research, and transformative social innovation.

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