Vision Mapping is the conjunction of foresight and visioning techniques with online geo-spatial mapping technologies (such as Open Street Maps). This event is an experimental workshop where we are going to use the cultural exploration and reframing method Causal Layered Analysis, developed by Prof. Sohail Inayatullah, leveraging an open and editable visual artefact, map of Footscray or Melbourne (depending on composition of participants), to analyse and explore the cultural ands narrative dynamics of place, and develop ideas for urban resilience and urban commoning.

The Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW) at Victoria University is a centre for excellence on theoretical and applied research to better understand and promote the nexus between cultural diversity and human wellbeing.

Jose Ramos is running this experiment in his role as Honorary Research Fellow at CCDW, within the context of his research focus. CCDW have a Social Media Lab, which provides an ideal environment for the exploration, with its 180 degree visual layout.

It must be emphasised that this is an experiment. CLA and online mapping have never been brought together before, so there is no way to know how it will work. Method

The method will follow an “artefact induction” approach, whereby the participants engage first with the map, and from the map engagement inductively draw out insights and ‘data’ that follows the CLA analysis / reframing process. Other types of Vision Mapping have been done before, for example linking appreciative inquiry and online mapping for the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne 2026 process.

Join us for a night of experimentation and exploration. RSVP HERE.

*Note: this process will be video and audio recorded, shared and made public as a type of open source research. All participants in coming consent to the open publication of the research process.

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José Ramos is a researcher, writer and advocate for commons-based social change. He focuses on such areas as future political economy, planetary stewardship, innovations in democracy and governance, the conjunction of foresight and action research, and transformative social innovation.

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