How to Play

FuturesLab has recently gone through a review process to refine just how you can participate and contribute in the FuturesLab process.

FuturesLab has two tiers of participation.


The basic “participation” tier is free, and allows people to attend workshops, design conversations and offer commentary and feedback on the ideas, designs and experiments being developed. People can participate in this way by joining the group for FuturesLab, liking / following our Facebook page, as well as following and offering feedback on posts for this wordpress site.


The “contribution” tier is membership based, costing $30 per year, and allows people to join the FuturesLab core contributor community. Core contributors are the drivers of the FuturesLab community by embodying the practice through their ideation, design work and experiments.

  • contributors have the ability to post their ideas, designs and experiments on the FuturesLab website, which are cross posted and promoted by the core group for maximum dissemination.
  • contributors have access to FuturesLab’s account, to promote and run live events (not just attend).
  • we provide 2 live and interactive webinar sessions during the year, to familiarize yourself with the Futureslab ideas and method.
  • we provide a one-on-one consultation to support you in getting started with your idea.
  • contributors can participate in the core group discussions on how FuturesLab is developed.
  • contributors are expected to work on at least one idea in the year, and document this using the FuturesLab “documentation scaffold“. This can be at any of the stages: anticipation, design, connect, evolve.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, contact us.



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